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Gain Peace of Mind: Backup Your Photos

By Posted in - Back-up & Preserving Photos on November 16th, 2015 0 Comments Backup and digitize your photos

I know I can sound like a broken record when it comes to ensuring you have multiple back-ups of your precious memories.

For me, it’s more about keeping your photos safe and protected.

The fact is, if you’re storing photos only on your computer, all it takes is one major hard drive failure to wipe out years of photos. Sometimes Mother Nature steps in with a tornado or flood or other natural disaster, or sometimes unexpected events such as a fire occur. All of a sudden, all of those wonderful memories are no more – no photos, no videos, no memories.

Backup Your Photos for Family Changes

There are other instances when having backups can give you a little peace of mind. For instance,

  • your children are on their own and want their childhood memories
  • there has been a divorce in the family
  • someone has passed away

Lifetime Memories can help you keep your history safe and help you share it as well. It’s your story; no one else can tell it like your images can and we can help you preserve it. We have several “peace of mind” packages from our Basic Backup Package to our Scan and Divide Package to our Scan and Store Package.

Learn more about our Peace of Mind packages.

Photo courtesy of Diana Foster at The Studio 56.


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