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8 Reasons to Print Pictures

By Posted in - Print Media on October 11th, 2017 0 Comments Print your photos

I LOVE the printed photograph. While I do advocate to have your photos stored digitally, there are also some very good reasons to have the printed photo in hand, too.

1 – Print photos make great gifts! They are a way to stay close to those that mean the most to you, even when you’re not. Sending print photos in a special frame (instead of just a digital jpg via email) shows what they mean to you.

Print pictures

Time to put that photo gallery wall?

2 – Display your favorite images in your own home. Make a gallery wall. Frame and hang as a statement piece – using an oversized frame, printing on a different texture such as canvas, metal or glass.

3 – Make your work station more personal with framed photos of your spouse, children, parents, fun events with friends and more.

4 – Printed photos are just more personal. They are tangible, you can hold them in your hand and experience those same feelings all over again. Not so much from a computer screen.

5 – Incredible as it sounds, not everyone is in the digital world. Print and share photos with your non-digital friends.

Print pictures

Remember pets loved and lost.

6 – Visit those special memories anytime you like. Be honest, how often do you go to the cloud or your digital storage and pull up those memories? Print photos can be stored in albums, scrapbooks, photobooks and more so that you can enjoy the memories over the years.

7 – JPGs deteriorate over time, especially if you happen to open, close and duplicate it over the years. So, best advice is to make a print while the digital image is in prime condition.

8 – Technology can fail or become obsolete. We’ve talked about how disasters impact your photos – disasters can also include the crashing of your computer’s hard drive, the corruption of files, the dissolution of your cloud storage service. Having prints of your photos gives you a back-up of your back-up.

Need a Little Assistance?

That’s what we’re here for, to help you protect, preserve and share your precious memories.

Lifetime Memories Can Help You: Restore. Scan. Save. Print.

Restore any favorite old photos that are cracked, faded or wearing down.

Scan and save the photos so that they can be preserved and passed along to others in the family.

Print copies of photos. Display the favorites and put the rest in a fire proof safe or possibly a safety deposit box.

Photo Organizer Services

As a photo organizer, I help clients in all parts of the process, whether that means downsizing a large collection, putting an organizing process into place, sharing with the family or how to display those very special memories.

We are here to help whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

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