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Adorable, Playful Otter

By Posted in - Photo Caretaker & Save Your Photos on April 15th, 2019 0 Comments Adorable Playful Otter

Animals do so much for us – they give us therapeutic benefits, help decrease heart disease, reduce stress and tension, offer companionship and just help us have fun. One animal that has captured my attention lately is the adorable, playful otter. I’ve spent time learning about these aquatic mammals and wanted to share some fun and interesting facts with you.

Myths, Stories and Quotes

Otters are part of many myths and stories from many different cultures. For instance, in Japanese folklore and mythology, there is the story about the otter and why mankind is imperfect today.

In Scottish tradition there are tales of ‘Otter Kings‘ who were accompanied by seven black otters. When captured, these beasts would grant any wish in exchange for their freedom. But their skins were also prized for their ability to render a warrior invincible and were thought to provide protection against drowning. More Scottish folklore.

A few otter quotes for you!

“We [Americans] are game-playing, fun-loving creatures; we are the otters of the universe.”

Richard Bach

“All of us involved say, ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ was the best five years of our lives. We were like otters at play.”

Dick Van Dyke

“When reviewers take the trouble to compliment a writer on her style, it is usually because she has made it easy for them to slide from one sentence to another like an otter down a slope.”

William H. Gass

Otter Fun Facts

Sea OtterOtters have sleek, streamlined bodies that are perfect for diving and swimming. Their long, slightly flattened tails propel them through the water.

They are energetic and playful. In fact, they are known for their playfulness and sense of curiosity. They like to throw and bounce things, wrestle and twirl around. Sometimes they chase their tail or maybe chase each other. They are incredibly social animals.

They are definitely big on playtime and making slides is a favorite game.

And, they have the thickest fur coat in the world.

Sea otters eat 25% of their body weight in food every day – sea urchins, crabs, mussels and clams. (If only we could do that, huh??)

A group of resting otters is called a raft. To keep from drifting away from each other, sea otters will wrap themselves up in seaweed, in a formation that looks like a raft.

Kansas City Zoo Otters

The Kansas City zoo is home to Cai, Ian and their family, all of whom are Asian small-Clawed otters. In October 2018, triplets were born to the family. They were named after well-known Star Wars characters, Han, Luke and Leia. Watch this video of our triplet friends in this article.

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