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Capture High School Senior Memories

By Posted in - Precious Memories on August 3rd, 2018 0 Comments High school senior

It’s your high school senior year! The last year of school, time to prepare for the next step of your life. Make sure you capture all of the moments that are special, that you want to laugh about at class reunions, that you want to share with others in 20+ years, that you want to pass on for posterity.

What might you want to remember?

Your high school senior year will be jampacked with plenty of memory-making opportunities.

  • Dances, such as Homecoming.
  • Sports, as a player or a supporter (cheerleader, marching band, pep club)
  • Senior specific events, such as Senior Appreciation Day or Week
  • Class elections
  • Pep rallies and assemblies
  • Performances (dance, choir, theatre)
  • Graduation
  • Academic achievements
  • Prom
  • First loves
  • Favorite teachers
  • Last time to do something
  • Goofing around with your best friend
  • Stress of planning for college or life beyond high school

Your year will be filled with events designed to be the capstone of your high school experience. Capture those moments that are meaningful to you.

Memory Keeping Keepsake

Of course, you’ll have your yearbook and your senior pictures as mementos of your high school senior year. More than likely, you’ll also have lots of candid photos and videos of you, your friends and family. Where will you keep this photo collection? Have you printed the pictures and put in a photo album? Or just downloaded into a random file on your computer? Or, are they still on your phone?

If on your phone, at some point, you’ll need to do something with them to make room for the next stage of your life and the memories you will be making.

A custom slideshow or a custom photobook make great memory keeping keepsakes. You can easily store them or put them on display for others to see.

Yearbooks are a great way to remember your overall class and high school senior year but when you want a “me-specific” experience, a photobook or custom slideshow can be all about your high school experience. And, a custom slideshow gives you more of an action and sound remembrance, something a printed book or photos can’t do.

Personalize it to you: your experience, your friends, your classes and your favorite teachers. Include favorite quotes and trends.

Cherish your memories. Enjoy being a senior.

Need a little assistance?

That’s what we’re here for, to help you protect, preserve and share your precious memories. We are here to help whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

Let Lifetime Memories help you create memory keepsakes for your high school senior photo collection.

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