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Capture Memories at Family Reunions

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In researching this month about family reunions, I came across some fun activities that can help you capture and share some great memories, especially for those who are unable to attend.

Family Photo CD

When the invitation goes out, ask each family member to send their favorite photos to the organizer ahead of the scheduled get together – including both immediate family and extended family, too. This is a great way for the whole family to see photos they haven’t seen in quite some time or maybe never.

The family reunion organizer can then sort and organize all of these photos. The first step is to make sure all of the photos are good quality, no blurry images or inappropriate shots. Then organize the photos in a way that makes sense; it might be by a family group, chronologically or a theme or event.

As always, my mantra is back it up! This is a treasure trove of memories that you don’t want to lose. Back it up in three places. For the reunion, it is easy to copy all the images to a CD or DVD so that you can give to others. Or you can store them online and give everyone access so they can figure out their own way to display.

If this is too much work (we all have busy lives!), then have everyone bring photos to the reunion. These, along with any taken at the reunion, can be given to a professional photo organizer who can then take care of organizing and producing memorabilia such as a photobook or custom slide show for family members.

Pass the Phone

Smart Phone Photos

Pass the smart phone around to capture family reunion moments.

More than likely there will be someone at the reunion with a smartphone, one that will take pictures and record video. Capture reunion memories by “passing” the phone around to take candid shots and video. This is a great way to record some of those family stories you want to ensure live on forever!

Another popular alternative is to put disposable cameras around so that anyone can take a picture.

These pictures can be sorted, organized and uploaded onto a CD/DVD or cloud service and then shared with family members.

Again, a professional photo organizer can be a great resource in doing this process – eliminating duplicates, bad or blurry shots and creating back-up copies.

Family Update Stories

Unfortunately, not everyone is always able to make the family gathering. A great way to help them attend is by having them record some stories that can be shared at your reunion. It gives them a voice at the reunion almost as if they were there live!

These audio and/or video recordings can be combined with other media from the past and present to enable you to save these memories for the whole family.

These are just a few ways to capture, preserve and share those one-of-a-kind family reunion memories.

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