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Don’t Forget the Printed Photo!

By Posted in - Organizing Photos & Preserving Photos & Print Media on June 14th, 2017 0 Comments Printed photos

Today, so many people focus on the digital photograph – how to share it, how to preserve it, how to organize it and more. Yes, you need a strategy for your digital photo collection; however, my personal favorite is still a printed photo.

As you develop a strategy for preserving and sharing your photo collection, I recommend having one leg of this journey focused on the printed image.

Why Have Printed Photos of Your Collection?

Technology is never guaranteed. Disasters happen in the form of corrupt hard drives or external hard drives that are dropped and broken. Technology becomes outdated and digital storage solutions change or the cost may become more than you want to bear. Remember, a printed photo is one way you can back up your photo collection.

Why else would you want printed photos?

  • Having a printed image gives you the opportunity to cull your photo collection down because you only want to print the best of the best. No need to print those blurry or red eye or otherwise unflattering pictures!
  • The quality of your original image (typically saved as a JPG file by the camera or phone) will deteriorate over time as it is opened, closed and duplicated time after time.
  • Printed photos can put a smile on your face and help you relive all those wonderful, favorite memories. What fun it is to go to a family reunion and thumb through photo albums of old family photos!
  • Printed photos are tangible – they make great gifts. Believe it or not, there are some people who are not online or in to digital images (yes, it is true!) and may not see your Facebook or Instagram updates.

If printed photos are part of your back-up strategy, be sure to store a copy of your most precious printed photos in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box.

Tips for the Printed Image

The printed photo brings your images to life – don’t let them just sit on a hard drive. Print them out so you can enjoy them!

  • With printed images, you might want to use a different paper stock other than standard photo paper. Heavier paper, such as a nice card stock, has more longevity yet still makes for a nice display with or without a glass in the frame.
  • Don’t forget to label each photograph with the who, what, where, when and why. Memories fade and this is a great way to capture the details for your children, grandchildren and others. Be sure to use an archival safe photo pen so that ink does blur onto other pictures or ruin the picture.
  • If you can, turn off the time stamp on your camera. You don’t need this distraction if you are capturing the details.
  • If using an album or scrap book, be sure to use those corner squares instead of gluing or taping a photo down. This means less risk of tearing a photo should you need to take it out.
  • When using storage boxes, invest in quality photo storage boxes labeling the outside with what is in the box. Consider separating years, months or other milestone events with a paper divider. This gives you a place to write down details about the photos – again, the who, what, where, when and why.
  • Size the printed photos to fit your display needs. Frames where you can display several photos at one time provide a great way to rotate in new photos when you want.

Display and Sharing Ideas

It’s easy to pick up an album of old photos and reminisce. It isn’t so easy when photos are housed on a smartphone.

  • Create a scrapbook. This is a fun project for everyone, including the kids. Do it in themes, such as a vacation or celebrate milestone events like a wedding or a child’s first year.
  • Alternatives to a scrapbook include a photobook or custom slideshow.
  • Use your photos to make unique home décor gifts – using an interesting frame, print on canvas or metal.

Scrapbook of printed photosPhotographs tell your story. They help you relive special moments and times. Printed photographs enable you to hold that memory in your hands. Digital photos on your phone can be forgotten, accidentally deleted or simply destroyed along with the phone.

Yes, prints can get lost, burned, torn and fade but with reasonable care, they can be preserved for a very long time.

Photo Organizer Services

As a photo organizer, I help clients in all parts of the process or in organizing their photos, whether that means downsizing a large collection, putting an organizing process into place, developing a back-up plan, sharing with the family or how to display those very special memories.

We are here to help you whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

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