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Five Photo Gifts for Grandparents

By Posted in - Gift giving on August 4th, 2017 0 Comments

Grandparents are very special people. According to

  • The average age of a US grandparent is 48 and more than half are Baby Boomers.
  • About 3 out of 4 grandparents think being one “is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life.”
  • And 9 in 10 “enjoy talking about their grandkids to just about everyone!”

So, how can you help your grandparents brag to everyone? Here’s five ideas to get you started thinking beyond just the standard school picture or candid photo.

Five Photo Gifts for Grandparents

The idea of a photo brag book has been around for a long time. It’s a great way for grandma to show off the precious grandkids because it is the perfect take-along size that can easily fit into a purse or tote bag.

Photo gifts blanket

Fleece photo blanket

I love the fleece photo blankets and pillows at! What a great way for grandma or grandpa to keep the grandkids close, even when they’re not.

Decorate their walls with a photo collage of your favorite pictures in a cool shape, such as a heart, wreath, Christmas tree and more!

Don’t give them just another picture on the wall. Give them an experience and a memory to cherish by printing directly to glass. You have to check out Fracture.

The frig is always a good place to hang pictures so don’t forget about photo magnets. Shutterfly has some cool wooden magnets to check out. And you can get some 3″ photo magnets from National Photo Lab.

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