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Framing Favorite Photos

By Posted in - Print Media on October 3rd, 2017 0 Comments framing favorite photos

I am a photo organizer by trade, but my real passion lies in helping you enjoy your photos, your family’s story, here and now.

I truly enjoy helping you make something from nothing, so to speak; taking those printed photos and coming up with a beautiful, innovative way to display them.

One way to do this, is simply to frame favorite photos.

Framing Tips for Favorite Photos

Framing your pictures can be more fun than you know! It’s not just going to the store to buy a frame then hanging on your wall. Give this process a little more thought.

  • framing your photoKnow where you plan to hang the photo so that you can find a frame that is the right size for the space. Whether you know it or not, the size of the frame really does matter. Too big or too small of a frame can distract from the image itself.
  • Match the frame to the room in which it will be displayed, if possible. That might mean picking a color that matches something in the room, such as furniture or other items on display.
  • Take a cue from the photo itself. Is it vintage, retro, modern day, black and white, colorful or neutral? Choose a frame that complements the photo’s style.

Frames don’t just display your images; they also protect them from degradation and damage that can be caused by lighting.

  • When using a frame with glass, non-glare is typically the best.
  • Think about where you intend to display the photo(s). Will it be a well-lit room, one with lots of natural light? If so, you probably want to look at the UV filter of the glass or whether it is low-reflective material.
  • If you need it, you can get a “museum” glass which has a protective coating that keeps out virtually all UV light. Or you can get a “conservation” glass, which is more appropriate for a home display; it keeps out 97% of UV light.

When choosing a mat, emphasizing prominent colors can provide a more dramatic effect. Other tips to consider include:

  • framing your photosConsider choosing two mats that match shades in your image; for instance, one might be a deeper color and one a lighter color. A thin neutral frame works well with mats of any color.
  • Use textured mats such as a suede matting to complement the softness of a sweater or to add a bit of elegance to your display.
  • A white mat in a classic natural frame makes your photo the “main attraction,” which is why this format is used by many galleries.

Need a Little Assistance?

That’s what we’re here for, to help you protect, preserve and share your precious memories.

Lifetime Memories Can Help You: Restore. Scan. Save. Print.

Restore any favorite old photos that are cracked, faded or wearing down.

Scan and save the photos so that they can be preserved and passed along to others in the family.

Print copies of photos. Display the favorites and put the rest in a fire proof safe or possibly a safety deposit box.

Photo Organizer Services

As a photo organizer, I help clients in all parts of the process, whether that means downsizing a large collection, putting an organizing process into place, sharing with the family or how to display those very special memories.

We are here to help whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

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