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Mother’s Day Gift Idea Inspirations for You!

By Posted in - Gift giving & Mother's Day & Special Occasions on March 3rd, 2017 1 Comments Mother's Day Love Frame

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the “moms” in your life … that might include your mom, stepmom, grandmother, aunt, sister, daughter, friend … whoever you want to help celebrate this special day!

And, if you’re looking for a little gifting inspiration, here’s a few ideas to consider.

Gifting Inspirations

Google and you will find thousands of gift ideas. But when it comes to Mother’s Day, you want to find the right gift, something special, something that shows how much she means to you.

So, first, let’s get the old brain working by asking ourselves a couple of questions. What photo(s) would send that message? What are her favorite activities? How does she currently display or use photos?

Now, it’s time to get those creative muscles working. Use these ideas to jumpstart your thinking.

Turn vintage photos or old polaroids into special gifts like that one your mom has of her cherished family home or of the family gathered together.

Show off multiple generations side-by-side. That could be your mom, you, your grandmother and great grandmother, however many generations you want to show.

Honor all members of the family by creating a collage of favorite photos.

Celebrate milestone events in her life: wedding, birth of a child, graduation, mother’s day moments, or a year-in-review.

It’s easy to take a photo, put it in a frame and give it as a gift. But it’s also fun to give something unique, that she will remember.


Photobooks. Make cherished memories last. With photobooks she can visit them over and over again. Create a Mom & Me book, using photos of your favorite moments together. Always a favorite, create a brag book for grandma.

Take that collage and have it printed on a large canvas or on metal or a unique frame.

Show her how well the family fits together with a puzzle piece plaque or frame.

Give your grandmother a “Grandma blanket,” something that will keep her warm on those chilly nights. How nice would it be to curl up with the family whether they are there or not? Or make it a pillow or pillow case.

Turn favorite Instagram photos into notecards.

Here’s some pictures of fun and unique gifts from Personal Creations.

Family Handprint

Family Rules

For Grandma




Family Clothesline

Restore. Scan. Save. Print.

Why not consider helping that special person get their photos organized?

Restore any favorite old photos that are cracked, faded or wearing down.

Scan and save the photos so that they can be preserved and passed along to others in the family.

Print copies of photos. Display the favorites and put the rest in a fire proof safe or possibly a safety deposit box.


Photos: Personal Creations

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  • Diana Foster - Reply

    March 20, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Wow, the inspiration here is unbelievable. I love coming to visit. Hooray for mothers everywhere.

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