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Photo Storage Suffers Disasters, Too – Be Prepared!

By Posted in - Back-up & Storage & Storage Solutions on May 15th, 2017 2 Comments Photo storage on iPhone

When backing up and storing your photo collection, best practice is to follow the 3-2-1 rule:

Keep 3 copies of any important photos; one that is your primary file and two backup copies.

Keep the files on 2 different media types. This helps to protect against hazards and technological changes.

Store 1 copy offsite. This means not at your primary residence!

Since storage devices and locations can also suffer disasters, you may want to keep more than one back-up copy of your precious photo collection in different off-site locations and even in different geographies.

Photo Storage Options

Cloud storage. As Caroline Guntur at The Swedish Organizer puts it, with cloud storage you’re basically ‘renting (or buying) a virtual storage locker.’ Examples of this include:

  • Google Photos
  • Amazon Prime Photos
  • Dropbox Photos
  • Forever

I won’t go into detail about cloud services as she has a wonderful post – defining it and providing the pros and cons. I highly recommend reading it.

External hard drives offer a tangible place to store your photos in digital format. When choosing an external hard drive you want to consider the quality, capacity and accessibility. Factors include things such as the brand, amount of storage space, portability, speed and durability

Again, Caroline Guntur at The Swedish Organizer has a blog that spells out how to pick an external drive.

CDs, DVDs, BluRays are another option. Be aware that these can easily scratch or break and depending on the size of your collection you may have to use multiple to store your photos.

Jump drives are one of my personal favorites. They are small, easily stored and easily accessible. I’ve also heard very good things about online services such as BackBlaze that can back up entire hard drives, not just your photo collection.

What Happens When You Pass Away?

As you consider where to store your precious memories, you also need to think about what happens when you are no longer here. Will your relatives know what you have and where?

Safe deposit boxes for photo storageOne place I would recommend storing one of those off-site copies is a safe deposit box. Why?

A jump drive with all your photos can easily fit into a small box.

It is easily accessible when you need to add photos to the jump drive.

Most important: Safety deposit boxes are where we store some of our most important items so it raises the level of importance of this back-up copy.

When you pass on, you know that it will be found as your estate is being settled.

Don’t run the risk of having your precious memories lost in an abandoned storage locker, garage sale or donated to charity.

Photo Organizer Services

As a photo organizer, I help clients in all parts of the process or in organizing their photos, whether that means downsizing a large collection, putting an organizing process into place, developing a back-up plan, sharing with the family or how to display those very special memories.

We are here to help whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

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