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Product Review: Mixbook

By Posted in - Photo Books & Product Review on July 2nd, 2019 0 Comments Product Review Mixbook

We just finished completing a photo book for a high school senior and wanted to share a product review about Mixbook, the company we used to create and print the book.

We’ve been curious about Mixbook products, so we thought we would give them a try and it was definitely a great experience!

Our Graduate 2019

Just a few quick highlights of our special graduate’s photo book:

  • Photos highlighting graduation with the Class Aim, Verse, Motto and more
  • Photos highlighting “A Walk Down Memory Lane” (of her younger years)
  • Pages are premium matte lay flat, so thick they are meant to last!
  • Hardcover, soft touch matte with photos on both front and back
  • 11” x 8” landscape

What Made This a Great Experience?

Easy-to-use software. Easy to use preview. Easy to upload photos. Great way to describe creating a photo book with Mixbook … easy.

Absolutely loved the auto save feature. (If you’ve ever lost something because you forgot to save, you understand what I mean!)

Mixbook has a nice selection of elements to customize your photo books, from fonts to backgrounds and everything in between.

For those new to creating a photo book, Mixbook has lots of templates that you can either use or use as inspiration to design your book. For our book, we started out using a template and then added customized pages easily.

Choose a book that meets your needs, landscape, square, portrait, in a variety of sizes. In fact, it’s easy to see which size works best for your memories. You can start out in one size and change during the creation process.

Product Review: Mixbook

Graduation MixbookWe chose to do the Premium Matte lay flat book. The thick pages had a matte finish instead of glossy. Everything came out sharp, crisp and clean. Our photos of the book don’t do it justice, to be honest. The hardcover soft touch matte gives it a coffee table look. Overall, the end result was a high quality, professionally crafted photo book.

We like the way this book turned out and, more importantly, so did our client! One final note, delivery of the book came a day early, which is always a plus!

Photo books are a great way to preserve those special memories and provide you with a treasured keepsake. Keep Mixbook in mind for your next photo book. (No, we are not an affiliate of Mixbook either!)

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