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Product Review: Picaboo Photobooks

By Posted in - Photo Books & Product Review on January 21st, 2019 0 Comments Picaboo Photobook - Family Reunion Cover

One of my favorite places to go to create photo books for my clients is Picaboo. I used them to create a family reunion photo book for one of my clients. She loved it and so did her family. Why Picaboo photo books? Just a few reasons!

The ease of Picaboo. Select your photo book. Choose your theme. Add your photos. You can keep it as simplistic as you want by using the autofill feature or customize it to your personality. They offer a number of template choices from “basic” to more customized “wedding.”

Choose a book that meets your needs, from a Classic version to a leather bound with gilded edges like you would get from a professional photographer.

Easy-to-use software. Picaboo provides tutorials on the software and tips to explain things like the bleed line and wrap zone. It’s easy to put text on pages.

The process and the software make it so that you can easily create a photo book in a single day!

Quality paper. They don’t just use photo paper on your book. You’ll find Picaboo uses a heavy-weight glossy or premium lustre paper that is acid-free and archival.

High quality. You’ll receive a professionally crafted photo book.

Lay-flat pages. We love lay-flat pages! Using special hinged paper means your book will remain open and lay flat no matter how many pages it has. Lay-flat pages make it easy to spread photos across 2-pages without a disruptive seam, making an impact like no other!

Wraparound cover. Another feature we love! The fully customizable cover wraps one photo from front to back, giving your photo book a cohesive look.

Companion book. Every time you create a book, you can add on an extra mini book of your creation – no additional work is required. These make great “brag” book gifts for grandma and grandpa. They’re also small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase enabling you to do a little show and tell!

Family Reunion Picaboo Photo Book

We created groups of pages where we “introduced” each family, starting off with a quote and then a picture of the couple. Within each family group, we used pictures through the years – as they are growing up, key milestone events, and more.

We brought in custom photos and backgrounds to create interest throughout the book and used quotes that related to the family and the place they grew up in.

We chose to use the Seamless Lay-Flat book, which printed on extra-thick premium paper with a lustre silk finish and a matte cover.

Picaboo Photo Books

Just so you know. I am not an affiliate of Picaboo. Should you decide to use Picaboo to create a photo book, I will not receive any compensation. I truly love what Picaboo has to offer.

Want to see more? Here are two videos from Picaboo showing the Seamless Lay-Flat photo book and the Mini photo book

Picaboo Premium Mini Photo Book

Picaboo Seamless Lay-Flat Photo Book

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