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Product Review: Printique Photo Books

By Posted in - Photo Books & Product Review on October 3rd, 2019 0 Comments Printique Photo Books

One of my clients took a trip to the Badlands and Mount Rushmore and, as a remembrance of the trip, had me create a photo book.

I created a theme using pictures of old postcards from South Dakota and used a map of the Badlands on the cover. My client is crazy about the book, especially the backgrounds where I used some of their own photographs.

Printique Photo Books (formerly AdoramaPix)

What you’ll find with Printique photo books:

High quality. You’ll receive a professionally crafted photo book making it a gift that will always be remembered.

Lay Flat pages. This offers a seamless view of your picture from one side to the other, allowing it to be fully displayed without any gutters or flopping pages to distract.

Quality paper. We love the high-quality professional photo paper Printique uses. With numerous finishing options – such as glossy, matte, metallic, silk and more – you can create the perfect look.  And, the prints are excellent. Photographs on high-end photo paper look amazingly better than photographs on non-photo press paper.

Easy to Make. Use one of Printique’s templates or create your own; there are a ton of options as far as layout, background, paper and design. Its easy … simply go online to build your photo book. Try out different options until you find the design you like.

Add Photos from Just About Anywhere. If you’re like most people, your photos are in many different places. With Printique, you can upload photos from not just your computer, but Google Photos, Facebook Instagram, Flickr, dropbox and Amazon.

Desktop Editor. Crop and edit your photographs using the convenient desktop editor. Simply use the step-by-step instructions to get the image you’re looking for.

White label. Printique allows you to white label the books, a good benefit if you are selling to clients.

Photo Book Gallery

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