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Save Your Photos Tips Roundup

By Posted in - Save Your Photos on September 12th, 2018 0 Comments Save Your Photos Tips

September is the month where we focus on saving your photos. It’s a time to raise awareness about safeguarding your photos, caring for your photos and sharing your photos. To help you, we thought we would bring a collection of blog posts together as a “Save Your Photo” Tip Roundup.

Disaster Preparedness

You never know when a disaster will strike, whether it is Mother Nature or man-made. We want to help you be prepared to save your photos.

Disaster Proofing Your Photo Collection

Photo Storage Suffers Disasters, Too

Safeguard Printed Photos

When Disaster Strikes Your Printed Photos

Where Are your Precious Memories When Disaster Strikes

Photo Storage and Backup

Technology enables us to take so many pictures. Where are you storing them and how? What do you need to know to ensure your photos stay safe?

Back Up Digital Media

Gain Peace of Mind: Back up Your Photos

Get Rid of Those Icky Magnetic Photo Albums

Getting Those Photos Off Your SmartPhone

Tips for Storing Family Photos

Tips for Storing Printed Photographs

Where Should I Look for My Photos

Restoring and Rescuing Photos

Printed photosDo you have photos that need a little work done to them to make them more shareable?

Photo Fixes You May Want to Do

Photo Restoration FAQ

Preserving and Protecting Your Photographs

Recovering Deleted Photos

Rescuing and Restoring Your Old Photographs

Digitizing and Scanning Photos

Is it time to digitize that collection of printed photos?

Digital Preservation to Save Memories

Digitize Those Loose Photos

Digitizing Photos from Photo Albums

Digitizing Photos Using a Scanning Service

Digitizing Photos: 5 Helpful Tips

6 Reasons to Scan Your Photos

Save Your Printed Photos

Don’t forget there are great reasons to have the printed photo in your collection.

8 Reasons to Print Pictures

Don’t Forget the Printed Photo

Preserving Print Media

Taking Pictures Creates Memories

Check out the guest blog I wrote for the Nixplay website, one of my favorite topics: 7 Reasons to Save Those Older, Vintage Photos.

Need a Little Assistance Saving Your Photo Collection?

That’s what we’re here for, to help you protect, preserve and share your precious memories. We are here to help whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

Let Lifetime Memories help you save your photos.

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