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Sharing children’s photos on social media

By Posted in - Children's Photos & Sharing Photos on August 8th, 2019 0 Comments Sharing children's photos

We talk a lot about sharing your photos, those precious moments, with friends and family. One of the main ways in which we do this is through social media. It’s fun to see who reacts to what photo or what comments are made. And, what makes for some of the cutest photo opps? Kids do. It’s a no-brainer to post pictures of our kids day in and day out. We do it without questioning whether we should.

But, we really should do a little due diligence before sharing photos on social media, especially photos of children.

What to think about BEFORE Sharing your child’s photos online

Who will see their photos? How many people are you connected to on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Are these all people you really know or are some acquaintances, business relationships or even people you don’t know?

How protected are the photos that you share on your social media sites? Do you really know the privacy policy of these sites? Who has access? Who owns them once they are uploaded? Not only that, but do you remember how tight you set up your privacy settings? Maybe you haven’t even done this. You might find some surprises.

How much is too much to share? We don’t really think about some of the tidbits of information we drop – school or daycare name, your location or home address. This can make it easy for a stranger to find your child.

According to Common Sense Media, pictures you post online have information that is valuable to advertisers. Posting a picture of your child as a baby means you’ll probably start seeing ads for baby products.  

On the flip side, you should also respect the privacy of your child’s friends and their parents. When you have a picture with others in it, you can easily crop people out or even blur faces.

Sharing children's photosWhat is posted on the internet, stays out there forever. You may think it’s a cute photo now, but what happens when its time for your child to get a job or get married? Will they find it embarrassing as they get older? Bathtime. Shaming photos. These are just two of the types of kid photos to keep private.

Believe it or not, as your children get older, they do care what you post about them online.

How else can you share you children’s photos? Today, many people have their own blog sites where they share stories and photos but keep them password protected. Or, maybe use a photo sharing site that is password protected, too.

However you choose to share your children’s pictures on social media and other online spaces, make sure that family and friends understand your policies so they can respect your wishes, too.

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