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Six Tips for Taking Pet Photos

By Posted in - Pets & Precious Memories on September 18th, 2016 0 Comments Taking Pet Photos

We love our pets. We love having their framed picture sitting alongside the family pictures, on the refrigerator, on the desk, even on the wall.

Taking a good picture of your pet is often a bit challenging. They move quickly. They get distracted. Pets just don’t know how to pose for the camera.

Six Tips for Taking Pet Photos

Here are a few tips to help you take some good pictures that will show off your pet’s personality.

Focus on the eyes. Pets are very expressive creatures and the eyes can say it all, helping to reveal a bit about their personality.

Have them do what they love to do. By that, I mean, take pictures when they are playing with a favorite toy or sleeping in a favorite spot. Is he a curious cat? Does your dog like to play in water? Capture your pet in action.

Taking pet photosGet on his level. Everyone takes pictures when they are standing or sitting, the same old everyday photos. Sit on the floor or lie on your belly – this will also help your pet to feel more at ease with what you’re doing.

Take a close-up. When your pet is sleeping or feeling very relaxed is a great time to take a close-up of your pet’s face or some identifying mark.

Let your pet explore or play quietly; then call his name or whistle. Many times this will give you a nice alert pose, especially with cats.

Use natural lighting whenever possible. Avoid using flash when possible; it can distract or even frighten your pet. Flash bursts can also cause red-eye. Go outside or use a room well-lit by a large window.


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