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Time to Pass Photos Along?

By Posted in - Preserving Photos on July 17th, 2018 0 Comments Pass Photos Along

Are you the keeper of your family’s photo collection? Have you reached the age where you’re wondering who will take over maintaining it or who to pass it along to when the time comes? Is it time to think about what photos to pass along to the next generation?

If you’re like most people, you have hundreds of photos in your photo collection, precious memories that you cherish. Those milestone events: the birth of Johnny, Janie’s wedding, their school years and activities, all those fabulous family vacations and so much more. How do you pass photos along to future generations?

Tips to Pass Photos Along

Have conversations with your siblings, children, nieces, nephews and other family members. Find out what part of the photo collection they would like to have passed on to them. You might find that some of your family members would like to have them now.

Discuss and document how your backup and archive processes work and on what types of media you store the collection on.

Write out and document what photos go to which person. Consider starting to archive photos accordingly.

These are a few proactive steps you can take today. At the very least, having these conversations will make your family aware of what is in the photo collection.

Memories and moments are an important part of family history

Today, technology makes it so easy to literally take as many photos as we like. Why shouldn’t we? The point of having photographs is to capture life’s moments and build a visual story.

Why is it important to pass photos along?

  • In memory of those who have passed on or to remember good times with those you see infrequently.
  • Give future generations a chance to connect with deceased ancestors and family history.
  • Photos preserve memories from those special moments in time, bringing back the vividness of the event. They are the best ways to relive and share our most treasured memories.
  • Photos are tangible They can make you smile, laugh, cry and remember – this can be extremely important for those family members who may suffer from some form of dementia or memory loss.

Be prepared, this can be a very emotional process.

Need a little assistance protecting your photo collection?

That’s what we’re here for, to help you protect, preserve and share your precious memories. We are here to help whether you are a DIY-person, need a team to assist you or just want someone to do it all!

Let Lifetime Memories help you gain photo peace of mind and share your family stories.

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