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Using Photo Sharing Sites

By Posted in - Sharing Photos on August 12th, 2019 0 Comments Photo sharing sites

So, what are photo sharing sites?

These are sites that allow you to upload, store, edit, organize and share photos. Some allow you to make photos accessible through Creative Commons License; others allow you to make your photos private. Most photo sharing sites have a free plan, making it affordable for anyone, and typically have plenty of tools to help you edit.

Photo sharing sites allow you to upload your images and share with your online friends (or even everyone on the web, if you choose).

Why Use Photo Sharing Sites?

Immediacy. You don’t have to wait to get the photos printed and then send via snail mail. Simply take the picture, upload to your site, edit as needed and share.

It’s convenient. It makes it easy to look at the photos you want to see rather than flipping through prints, downloading from email or sorting through your computer file system.

Makes it easier to stay in touch with those you don’t see every day or who live far away.

Cost effective, many have a free/no fee plan or offer affordable upgrades to larger storage spaces.

What if you want to share your photos but not with everyone on the Web?

Check out these sites.

Dropbox lets you create a shareable link for any folder in your Dropbox account making it easy to share with just those you want to. No outsiders have access.

Google Photos lets you share any of your stored images with a small group of people.

Sharypic is great for collaborative sharing of events, trips, etc. or for sharing photo albums from trips and more

Privacy can be one of the biggest concerns, just as it is with social media. Make sure you know the privacy policy of the photo sharing sites you use and you set it up based on your own personal sharing policies.

Keep in mind:

  • Set your profile to private so that not just anyone can view your photos.
  • Don’t post too much personal information.
  • Photo sharing and other social media networks can be the target of the unscrupulous, those with bad intentions, so always be careful what you post.
  • Make sure you know whether the site you’re using allows you to retain ownership of your photos.

Popular Photo Sharing Sites

What to Look for in a Photo Storage/Sharing site

Space. You want enough storage space for all of your photos so that you only go to one place. This may be one of your photo back-up strategies since you should be keeping three copies.

Quality. You want to make sure your photos are preserved as high-res images, not compressed.

Ease of use. You want to be able to upload and edit your photos when you want. You also want ease of access – finding photos by date, tags or other means.

Shareability. You want to be able to easily share your photos.


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