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Where are your precious memories when disaster strikes?

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My passion is helping people save their memories, keeping them safe so that you have them to enjoy today and pass along to future generations.

It’s so easy to say “I’ll get them organized tomorrow.” Often, tomorrow keeps getting put off because those memories are safe in their boxes, albums and other storage areas. Right?

Not always. We never know when some sort of disaster may strike … and all of a sudden those precious memories are gone.

When Mother Nature Strikes

Disaster strikes - Tornado damageMother Nature is unpredictable and destructive. She throws tornadoes at us, hurricanes, floods and more, often destroying part or all of our homes.

Insurance can replace the house and the furnishings in it as well as clothes and other personal items. What insurance can’t replace are all of those precious memories – those photos, videos and other memorabilia that captured our lives up to that time.

After a disaster, people often pick through the mud, muck and debris searching for salvageable items, hoping to find just one photo or other memory. Even if you find your photos, what shape will they be in? Best bet is that they will have extensive water damage.

I can help you save your memories.

Disasters Come in Many Forms

Do you store pictures on your computer or other media? What if your computer crashes or your hard drive gets corrupted?

Disaster strikes - house fire damageWhat happens if a small fire breaks out in your home? It may not be where photos are stored, but they can still suffer damage. Firemen may have to wet down areas around or near the fire to ensure it doesn’t spread, or they could suffer smoke damage.

Do you store your precious memories in the attic or basement? Attics get leaks. Unfinished basements may be home to mold, mildew or rodents that can compromise your pictures. Pictures that are stored away in boxes and drawers can fade, crack and deteriorate.

If you’re like many people, you have lots of photos stored on a smartphone. What happens if it gets stolen? Or lost? Or damaged? Maybe you simply purchase a new phone. Are you able to transfer all of those memories from your old phone to the new one?

I can help you save your memories so that you have them to enjoy today … and tomorrow.

Scan. Save. Print.

Restore any favorite old photos that are cracked, faded or wearing down.

Scan and save the photos so that they can be preserved and passed along to others in the family.

Print copies of photos. Display the favorites and put the rest in a fire proof safe or possibly a safety deposit box.

Feature photo courtesy of The Studio 56.

We’re happy to say that this appeared as a guest blog with The Studio 56.


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