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Where Should I Look for My Photos

By Posted in - Digital Photos & Organizing Photos & Print Media & Storage on January 27th, 2017 0 Comments photos in photo boxes

Getting ready to organize your photos? Or maybe it’s time to do a photo book or slideshow project. No matter the reason, you don’t want to miss finding the photos you want. And, it’s amazing all of the places people put their photos, so here’s some suggestions on places to look!

Locating Your Print Photos

Yes, print photos can be found in the obvious places such as photo albums, photo boxes and the framed pictures on your wall and on display throughout your home. When you really want to find them all, here are a few other places you might want to check.

  • Junk drawers in the kitchen, buffet and china cabinet
  • Desk drawers
  • Storage boxes of your childhood items and of your kids’ childhood items
  • Office or home filing cabinets
  • Safety deposit box and safe
  • Attic, garage, basement and closets
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Dresser and nightstand drawers
  • Books such as Bibles, family tree and geneology
  • Refrigerators and other display places
  • Relatives’ homes and the office or workplace

Don’t forget to check those storage units if you have one, too!

Save Your Photos Tip:

Photos and videos are the memory keepers of our personal story. They are reminders of love, laughter, good times, vacations, family friends, and traditions. They help us reflect and remember a life well-lived.
Cathi Nelson, APPO Founder

Locating Your Digital Photos

Again, there are the obvious places to look for your digital photos – cell phone, computer and tablet, but you might want to extend the search a little further.

  • The family’s cell phones
  • CDs, DVDs, USB drivers and external hard drive
  • Scanned pictures
  • Digital cameras
  • Cloud storage such as iCloud and dropbox
  • Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr
  • Email attachments

Save Your Photos Tips:

Tackle your digital photo collection first. Your images may be at greater risk than your printed photo collection if you don’t have sufficient backups in place. And you’ll create a home for your soon-to-be-scanned printed photos in the process.

Your digital photo hub is the one location where you will store all your original images. Designating a hub is the key to keeping your photos organized and backed up.

Credits: The “Save Your Photo” Tips were taken from the 30 days of tips shared by Save Your Photos in September 2016.

Feature image courtesy of The Studio 56.


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